2016’s New Superfoods – Vegetarian Version

Every year, nutritionist and health experts release a list of the latest intend foods known as superfoods that have been identified for their health benefits and richness in nutrients. This year’s superfood list is quite a list and the previous trends have been replaced with new and possible more exciting foods that I cannot wait to try – well the ones that are vegetarian any way. Here is a list of the 5 I found most interesting in no particular order.

  1. Black Beans – though a staple in the Latin American cuisine, it is less common to be used elsewhere. This superfood is rich in minerals and vitamins along with lots of protein (perfect for vegetarians and those who want to stop eating meat).
    Black Beans / Health.com
    Black Beans / Health.com
  2. Seaweed – Did you know that this contains more Vitamin C than oranges? Well it does! It also has a lot of iodine and calcium and is perhaps the most nutritious food in the world.
    Seaweed Salad / onehallyu
    Seaweed Salad / onehallyu.com
  3. Avocado Oil – High in monounsaturated oleic acid, this is a fatty oil that is healthy and tasty. Big up to all the avocado lovers out there!
    Avocado Oil / NutritionSecrets.com
    Avocado Oil / NutritionSecrets.com
  4. Plant Based proteins – Lentils, mung beans, and peanuts are on the road to becoming the cheaper but yummier alternative to meat!
    Plant Based Protenis / ArtOfWellbeing.com
    Plant Based Protenis / ArtOfWellbeing.com
  5. Maca Root – More commonly available in a powdered form includes vitamins B1, B2, C and E and tastes like Horlicks (I love Horlicks). Oh it also includes a lot of vitamins and minerals which if I list out, you are probably going to skip over anyway.
Macca Powder and Root / VegKitchen.com
Macca Powder and Root / VegKitchen.com

Notice – all the new superfoods that I listed out are vegetarian because there was a small bias from the author; you guessed – I am a vegetarian!

Aashi Morakhiya

Featured image credits go to Tripatini.com


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