3 Mistakes Muslims Make, That They Can Easily Fix

1- Getting Provoked: Let’s be honest here, wherever you go around the world you will find racism and discrimination and the people that hold such prejudice always want to prove a point, and we all know these (nice in front of you but, stab you in the back type of people) they will provoke you, you will get angry and soon as you take a natural human reaction (getting angry) to when people hurt your reputation or emotions you will look bad, and they will be proved right that you are that Muslim “terrorist” or whatever other names they will call you. So, do not let them provoke you.

2- Fitting into the stereotype: I know a lot of people will complain here, but this is a hard time for Islam and we need to work together with everyone to remove that image, like going to the mosque with the the traditional dressing, a huge beard and a shaved head is going to make authorities follow your steps because that makes them smell something sketchy, which I am sure is not your intentions, I love Islam and I have a beard myself, but keep it modest so that you personally do not get hurt. Another important point here is that if you live abroad you will have friends that make terrorist jokes, be aware here if you know 100% these people have no prejudice then let them take it out of their system, but do not allow someone you just met make that joke, they need to understand we are not terrorists and we do not like it.

3- Not Using Diversity: let us use our diversity, we are about 1.5 billion people, we have endless amounts of cultures, we have to use that and especially those who go to study abroad, please start writing, talking and showing your culture, and by that I do not mean you have to drink yourself out to drunkenness to show you are like the west, you do not have to conform to society but instead, show them that you do not drink yet you can still have fun with them, share your ideas that will surely be influenced by your culture, trust me that will make them respect you a lot more than you just being another normal westerner like them. If you have the capability, make a business that is oriented around your culture.

This is a conversation with a Spaniard I met yesterday

“So, you do not smoke, do you drink?” Said Spaniard
“Nope” I said
“Do you F***?” He said
“I don’t” was my reply
“I respect you, I really respect you man” He said and gave me a hug

The video, will show you the story of this Muslim that is doing it right, we do not have to do everything like he does, but we can all contribute to regain the positive image of the beautiful religion of peace. Islam.

Almustafa M Khalid 



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