An Idea Breaking Through the Clouds

Three years of overthrowing obstacles

by Almustafa M. Khalid

The idea of this magazine was born when I turned 16. At the time as I was growing more critical, innovations began to invade my mind at quite an overwhelming pace. I can clearly recall the moments when I used to join my father and his extremely well educated colleagues whose professions ranged from engineering to medicine and even to nuclear science. These highly intelligent personnel never seemed to run out of ideas. The topics of the conversation were all always recent and up to date which made me very curious. The tone of the discussions intrigued me to contribute as the topics were also relevant to myself.

But soon I became to experience the feeling of being inhibited to talk even slightly. This resulted from the stereotype of adults being dominant in knowledge, hence reinforcing the idea on young people that they are not able to contribute until reaching the similar level of education and experience.
This self-imposed restriction left me restless and sleepless nights started to follow these intelligent reunions as I was trying to discover a way to share and demonstrate my ideas. Still, feeling too shy to talk to them directly. Initially I thought of approaching them with my ideas through writing, for example via email. Soon enough I came to reject the thought of an email chain. It still was not direct enough and hence did not feel satisfying.
Then I thought of writing the ideas to a blog that I could share with them. At first, it seemed satisfying enough but then I thought of all those young voices who are stuck in a similar dilemma: having a blog but no audience. That led me to develop an idea of creating a much more powerful platform for the youth and I to share ideas and achievements.

At the time the world was facing extreme changes. And in the centre of all the reforms was the media which holds potential for change, both in good and bad. I thought of somehow using media as a positive tool to help the youth to project their so far silenced innovations to the world. However, with media being quite a massive entity, I had no clue how to utilize media for the benefit of youth.
Now that Independent Skies is up and running, the future of this initiative is  a little clearer. After three years of work I have taken step one. It is time for you to take the second step! It is time for us, the youth to gather our courage and stand up.
In the beginning I believed that to change the world there are three methods: the power of the pencil, the power of the speech and the power of the mind. Hardly ever are all three embodied in one person. Independent Skies unites these qualities in an entity so strong that for the first time the chains of that stereotype are shattered.




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