Terrorists Kill 100 In Iraq, Real Madrid Reacts

100 people die due to explosions in Iraq amid a wave of violence in the Capital, Baghdad last week.

This did not make a news headline due to lack of media coverage, as a consequence, it did not cause a stir in the world such as other terror events. However, one of the suicide bombings took place in the town of Balad 50 Kilometers in northern Baghdad. This attack particulary caught the eye of media because the targets were very specific, a group of young adult men who belong to the Real Madrid Football Club Supporters Community in Iraq, they were having a meeting to decide how they can create an event to watch Real Madrid’s final league match against Deportivo La Coruña

Several armed men attacked the café at midnight, and right before the arrival of the police, they bombed themselves killing 14 instantly, and Isis-stormes-real-madrid-clubtwo later ondied of severe wounds. Making it a total of 16 dead and 20 injured. This news however made big headlines because it involved the notorious Real Madrid and here is when things get ethically complicated.

The President of Real Madrid heard the news and reacted quickly by reaching out to the president of club’s supporter community in Baghdad and told him a few things that later showed as an official statement made by the club.

“Real Madrid C. F. deeply regrets the terrible attack in Iraq… The club expresses its great sadness and offers its regards and condolences to the families and friends of the victims.” The Club Stated on Friday.

They added a gesture too “The Real Madrid players will tomorrow wear symbolic black armbands as a sign of their mourning and respect”.

One may think that this is all great but it does raise a few issues, the thing is no one cared about the 100 people that died on that day, but then it was big news when Real Madrid was involved, which begs to ask, is this about Real Madrid or the people?

Another problem arises here is that, when Real Madrid picked it, one13226700_1510848272274708_8578567665928517943_n would assume that it goes viral, it still did not and was contained to the people in the Stadium of Deportivo la Coruña where Real Madrid had their last game. The only one to blame here is media in general, because it is a big occasion for a multinational corporation such as Real Madrid to recognise the event and act on it.

Great gesture from Real Madrid without a doubt, but as humans we have to build up on that gesture. If a football club felt attached to its supporters and acknowleged them; then, shouldn’t the United Nations be attached to the other 86 that got killed on that day?

Acknowledgement makes a difference. If you are wondering how, just think about the difference between acknowledging the Holocoust and not Acknowledging it.


Almustafa Mahmoud Khalid


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