5 Beauty Travel Hacks You Need To Know

Traveling around can disturb your regular beauty routines as you don’t have all your beauty products with you, the weather is changing, and you are lacking the time you need to go through your routine, as you are having fun and enjoying your vacation. Yet, this can seriously affect your beauty and skin care. So I present you 5 Beauty Travel Hacks to combat some common travel beauty problems.

  1. Sleepless nights leading to dark circles – Uncomfortable seats in the plane, crying babies and unfamiliar environments can lead to a lack of sleep thus causing dark circles; no one wants to walk around on vacation looking like a zombie. Bring an Anti-Dark Circle and eye illuminator with you.
  2. Red and peeling skin – You do not want your screen peeling and burning. Whether you want to tan or not, it is important that you carry around suncreen and use it under your make-up.
  3. Hair problems- dry hair in the summer and static hair in the winter. To combat this, try using all natural shampoos such as Herbal Essences and make sure you deep condition weekly. It doesn’t hurt to apply a bit of gloss to the bottom of your hair as well!
  4. Chapped lips – Always carry around a lip balm or chapstick. I also use it under my lipstick and lip tint to give a more glossy and healthy look to my lips.
  5. Dry Skin – this is the worst. It can create itchiness and roughness to your skin. Keep a small bottle of exfoliator with you in your handbag and exfoliate your hands often while you are on the go!

Aashi Morakhiya

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