5 Pieces Of News You Need To Know This Week – 21st Sep

  • Could Syria be starting something new?
    4 Syrian cities have reached a truce and abstain from fighting between the rebels and the pro-governmental forces. This tpe of news is not new and a truce did occur before but, we can all just hope that the poor civilians stuck between the rocks and the rockets can sleep well for a few nights.
copyrights of Russia Today
copyrights of Russia Today


  • Brazil bans Corporate fundings in election campaigns
    This piece of news is of absolute importance. as the headline suggests that Brazil’s supreme court ruled against the fundings used by private companies to endorse politicians and would instead only allow crowd funding. This topic caused a debate because now some people think that the money will be given “under the table”.
Copyrights of blackwaterdog.files.wordpress.com
Copyrights of blackwaterdog.files.wordpress.com


  • To Scale: The first EVER image and/ or video that shows you our Solar system in scalewe will not be able to describe how staggering the findings of this film are. Sit back, relax and watch with the highest HD possible.


  • Do not be so hyped about Game of Thrones
    Okay you can be hyped about the show, but all these news outlets are just trying to sell. GoT won 3-4 Emmys last night, depending on how you want to count them. Peter Dinklage or better know as Tyrion Lannister won his second Emmy after winning it for the same role in 2011. There were indeed 12 Emmys won this year, but that was held on a different even on the 12th of September for Creative Emmys.

Here is Dinklage at his best.

Copyrights of Getty images
Copyrights of Getty images


  • Japan creates history, causing a historical upset to the South Africans in the Rugby World Cup
    As the title suggests, the Rugby world cup taking place in England has caused major news after Japan defeat the Springboks’ and sends them home with their heads held not so high. The Japanese are known to join the world cup every four years give some good battles and leave it for the “real” rugby nations such as the New Zealand All Blacks but, not this time. Who knows what Japan has in store next?




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