5 Pieces Of News You Need To Know This Week – 29th Sep

1- #MarsAnnouncement:
Well, NASA found water on Mars… Sky News says: “Instead of carrying tons of water with them on a potential Mars mission, they could collect it at the surface, then convert into oxygen and even fuel.”

But, we feel that it is sad that we are finding an alternative to Earth when we can protect it and fix our planet, don’t you think?


2- The Volgswagen scandal:
Unfortunately, the German car maker was caught cheating on CO2 and nitrogen emissions from their diesel models in the United States. The cars invovled in the scandal are 2009 models until today. Watch this short video to get an Eagle Eye view on the situation.


3- Major Crash in social network giant, facebook:
On the 28th of September facebook crashed for sometime and somehow it was a trending topic on twitter under the hashtag #facebookdown. Twitter reacted in many different ways, funny, sad and inspirational.


4- Shell on halt, for now:
Shell decided to stop drilling in the arctic, and we think that greenpeace are happy. Well, it is a major step to start and clean up the planet… But, shell did not do it because they are nice people, but because it is too expensive and they did not find crude. saveArtic


5- Saudi Arabia is not all bad after all:
Saudi Foreign Minister spoke at United Nation’s Millennium World Summit on Sustainable Development and mentioned how Saudi Arabia is eager to reach the sustainability millenium goals. Saudi Arabia is now one of the top 20 countries in money donations and wish to be a leader in that aspect in the region. Reported from Al-Arabiya




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