5 Pieces of News You Need To Know This Week

We are introducing this news category on Independent Skies Magazine to help you know some of the most important incidents that happened in the world this week. This category aims to contribute to the all-round education of the youth and help increase their general information about the different topics offered in this news section.


  • Germany to control boarders after receiving nearly 1 Million refugees:

We have all heard of Germany’s efforts to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees and they still plan to take more, but now they have decided that they will take in aproximately 800,000 by the end of 2015. This is believed to have some consequences on the European Union because up until today residents of the European Union could travel throught the countries without having any police road blocks and this might disturb the advantages of the EU.

Copyrights to dw.com
Copyrights to dw.com


  • 12 Mexicans dead after gun shooting by official Egyptian forces:

There is not much information on the media yet about exact details of what had happened and the people involved, but what the media agrees about is that 12 people are dead and 10 or more people are injured due to a raid by official Egyptian forces in the south western Egyptian sahara. The Mexican government contacted their Ambassador in Egypt for more information and the Mexican Prime Minister condemns the acts done against the people of his country and asks for explanations from the Egyptian Government.


  • Malaysian Forces arrest 3 people suspected to have relation to the Bankok blast last week:

  A tip from the Thai forces urged Malaysian forces to arrest 3 suspects one of them is said to be from Pakistan and two Malaysian citizens, one of which is a woman. The blast had killed 20 people in the Thai Capital and injured nearly 120 people.

copyrights of www.abc.net.au
copyrights of www.abc.net.au


  •  Lost GoPro retrieved with awesome images of earth from space:

    A bunch of young people launched a GoPro to space and then they lost it after they lost track of the GPS, a hiker found the camera and returned it to the students from the information that was on a mobile phone in the same box that protected the camera. Let the video tell you more!


  •  Cristiano Ronaldo broke another record with style:

    After a lot of criticsm on the Portoguese, he comes back to the scene in style by scoring 5 goals and assiting a goal in a Real Madrid win over the Catalan team Español. Ronaldo is not the top Goal Scorer for Madrid with 230 Goals in only 203 matches and he over took the record from Raul who had scored 228 goals in more than double the appearances at 550 matches. Watch his insane performance here!




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