5 Top Random Things You Will Read About Today

After years and years of careful contemplation, I have come to the realisation that Tuesday is just like a second Monday: just as terrible, boring and downright dreadful. The only positive thing? One day closer to Friday.
The conclusion to the rant is that I have decided to post something happy, or just random.

First random news of the day: Selfie vs. Twerk

The word ‘Selfie’ has beaten ‘Twerk’ as word of the year. I am not sure whether to be happy that finally the word ‘Twerk’ is losing popularity or sad that our generations literature achievement is ‘Selfie’.


Second random news of the day: The Battle of the Coffees

Starbucks has lost a lawsuit against a fellow coffee shop. Over what you may ask? The coffee shop mentioned is actually called Charbucks. Copyright infringement or just lacking imagination? No one knows but look out for them!


Third random news of the day: Apple has taken stalking to a whole new level

While most normal parents worry about their children going trick or treating by themselves, they still decide to send them anyways in order to give their children space to grow and make them feel more independent. Others result to Apple apps. For Halloween, Apple created an app that if downloaded on the phone lets parents keep track of their children when going trick or treating through the downloadable GPS system. So that they can keep track of you: ALL THE TIME.


Fourth random news of the day: Want to make some quick cash and live in NYC? I have got the job for you.

No it doesn’t involve selling drugs. Its quite easy, all you have to do is: go around public toilets and rate them, simple. I am being serious. You can earn up to a hundred dollars a day by simply review public toilets and sending them to ToiletFinder.com, all they ask is for the review to be witty and to make the owners of the app laugh. I know, becoming a professional toilet reviewer is everyone’s dream job. Don’t knock it till you tried it!


Fifth and final random news of the day: Walmart, what have you done now?

If you are a company and you earn around 15.7 Billion Dollars a year, what is the thing that you would not do?
Yup, exactly, you guessed it! You would definitely not hold a food drive for your own employees. Let me explain it better to you; Walmart is holding a food drive for its underpaid employees because ironically enough, they can’t buy their own Thanksgiving dinner. This of course is done after they have been severely criticised for their low wages.



By Sofia Polizzy Carbonelli



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