6 Unethical Life Hacks That You Shouldn’t Do (Unless Its An Emergency)

1- Put clear skateboard grip tape over your car license plate. It will be easily read by people, but cameras with flash will get a bright blur. 


2- If you’re about to get caught in the rain, just go to any close by hotel and ask if they have a lost and found, if the reply is a yes… then ask them for your “black umbrella”… if they do, then….




3- In major cities where parking fees are super expensive, find yourself an auto shop with a cheap tyre rotation deal and tell them ‘you are busy today, and that you will pick the car up later on that day’. 


4- Dress well and be the last person to board the flight, you will have a good chance of picking a first class seat if it is empty… Have you ever seen anyone being asked for their ticket mid-air? 



5- If you are crazy enough and want to sit alone on a bus, just wear a face mask 😉

6- If you have a white pick up, all you need is a tool box at the back and you can trespass wherever you want. People will think you work for a utility company. 


Please do not do any of these, it was only posted for FUN purposes.



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