A Girl From The UAE Gets The Biggest Bugatti Veyron Birthday Cake In The World!!!

There isn’t much to elaborate further than the title. I am Arab and I am quite disappointed with these behaviours that confirm the stereotypes of Arabs. We do not all buy super cars, buy football clubs and go to Paris to shop. In fact, it is very hard for the most of us to get a visa to Paris.

I just wish one day there is less of a coverage on either (Spoiled) rich Arabs and on terrorist groups (which, more often than not are non-arabs) and just wish that one day they will show you an Arab eating a cookie on the very biased, money making media platforms.24f6359e-17dd-4a6c-aa70-bad668b3cc40

However, this post is actually hilarious… and I couldn’t help but think, WHY????

By Almustafa M. Khalid



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