A Letter To My Facebook Friend

Dear Facebook Friend,

It is with such a joy that I took the time off my busy schedule to pen down these words. How is your state of health? I hope you’re fine and kicking. I am also doing very well but just a bit busy with work here and there.

Despite my being busy, I just thought to tell you a few things. It’s been a while since we had some time to chat as we used to. And I believe this letter is meant to let you in on a few things that I see you doing not very right that we can talk about.

First of all, I just want us to understand the main rationale behind the invention of Facebook, like any other social media network. It is not called social media for calling sake. It’s meant to be a platform for us to be social; that is, to connect and know what’s going on in one another’s life.

However, over the few months since we connected, I realised you have used the social network as your personal diary. You say any and everything about your personal life on Facebook. And the most disappointing one is, you even spill out your frustration about people and whatnot on social media. Let me ask you a question…do you by chance know any messenger on Facebook who would relay your frustration to the appropriate person or institution? I am yet to know which messenger can relay all the complains you have now resorted to writing on Facebook to whoever they are directed at.

What I am trying to drive at is that, I, and I am sure other friends you have, aren’t bothered about your personal frurstrations. That’s not to mean we don’t care. Of course we do care. But I think it will be better if you could actually go to whoever wronged you, and let them know how frustrated you feel, rather than venting your anger on Facebook. In my opinion, that doesn’t take your frustration away.

Another very important thing I want you to note is this; I see you have friends who number 2000 and over. Wow! That’s awesome! But here’s another advice I have for you…not even 10% of all those friends really care about you. Does that sound harsh? Well, sorry if it does. It’s the truth. You see, the fact that you post pictures and statuses and have tens and hundreds of people “liking” and commenting doesn’t mean those people actually care about you in real life.

I know you feel so good because you have friends numbering 2000 and over. Well, well, well. Those are just virtual friends. They aren’t friends in reality. The other day when you and I met, I realised you were so attached to your phone because you were on Facebook having chats with your virtual friends. Now, I don’t mean to say some of those Facebook, virtual friends may not translate into real friends. Of course, I have made a few friends like that; just as I have done with you. But, that sense of belongingness that I am sure you feel because you have so many of such virtual friends is  a false one.

Be real and make time for your real friends. Most of your friends on Facebook don’t give a hoot about you. So, manage the excitement with caution. Stay safe, and keep being the good Facebook friend you are.

Your Facebook Friend,

Jonathan Adzokpe.



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