A local perspective of Eid Mubarak

Almost everyone would have heard this term, “Eid Mubarak”. Yes, it means Happy Eid. What is Eid?! Eid verbally means pledge -it is one of the holy and glorious events of Islam which is celebrated as a holy, religious and political event for the sake of enhancing relationships, friendships, brotherhood and unity among people around the world.

Eid happens twice a year with a distance of two months from each other. The first Eid which this year happened on 17th July, 2015 is called Eid-ul-Fitr which is followed by a month of fasting in Ramadan. Some time ago, I had posted about Ramadan and how it is celebrated by Muslims around the world. Honestly, it was a great and awesome month, felt very blessed and holy despite all its challenges such as warmth or the very long days. Eid is a great followup to Ramadan after a month of worship. Around the world the celebration lasts for three days and we are celebrating it with different traditions, in different Islamic countries, but almost all follow the same pattern.

First day of Eid. Its first day starts with Eid Prayer at the same time, all around the world and then everyone spreads in order to begin the celebration. Then, everyone with their new clothes and smiles on their faces, are visiting their families, relatives and friends to renew their pledge of relationship and love with each other. As verbally Eid means pledge, it is meant to be a reason of pledge between people to renew their bonds. It happens almost the same way in all Islamic countries.

Second day of Eid. Following that, the second day of Eid has the same pattern; visiting relatives and friends, especially those whom they have never talked to and fought with. Eid is meant to happen for the reason of relationships, love and bond between the people. If you want to talk to a person whom you have never talked before, Eid is the time! If you want to start helping and caring about the poor people, now is the right time!

Third day of Eid. Finally, the third day of Eid is spent with enjoyable and entertainment activities, like, picnicking, sightseeing, camping and else. It depends upon the culture of entertainment in different countries. However, Islamic-illegal (Haraam) actions are still illegal. Eid has books of philosophy which are actually great and amazing, from my perspective. I hope we can have Eid everyday, to do such great things. Peace and love should cross the borders and spread out.

Thus, Eid is a great event for Muslims all over the world.I hope everyone in the world is celebrating this occasion, no matter what religion! I also hope Eid brings up peace and prosperity to the whole world and our home, Earth!

Written by Massiullah Faqiri





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