A taste of Hong Kong

History not only shapes humans and their lives, it also shapes cities and their landscapes. In fact, History set a British colony in southern China. The result: a beautiful mix between West and East that cannot be ignored when travelling to Asia.

HK photo 1

From the moment you arrive in this city you will be amazed by the height and quantity of skyscrapers that were built in such a small area. All together they host around 7 million people creating a concrete landscape, somehow very pleasant for the human eye. There is nothing like taking a walk along Victoria Harbor or enjoying the view from the Peak.

However, Hong Kong is not made only of buildings. Taking a bus or the MTR (Underground) for 10 or 20 minutes you can enjoy the other side of the coin: beaches, mountains, green spaces and the sea. Believe it or not this city also has a lot to offer for the fans of nature: you can dive in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, you can hike the dragon’s back –one of the best urban hiking trails in Asia-, you can go camping, explore Lamma island or enjoy a day at the beach.


The food scene offers a lot of variety as well. You can try typical dishes from almost every country in the world but you cannot leave without tasting local food. “Bubble Tea”, “Egg Tarts”, “Dim Sum”, “Hot Pot” and “Cha Siu Fan” are some of the best choices. The variety of restaurants gives you the possibility of choosing between dumplings at a wet market or fancy dinner at a restaurant, without sacrificing your satisfaction. In addition you can check out the rooftops, which are one of the main characteristics of Hong Kong and the best places to seat, relax and enjoy the city at night.

This place is made by its structure but also by its people. Hong Kong hosts a large population of expats combined with a majority of locals and a quite big quantity of tourists per year, all of them coexisting in the same place and creating a mix of cultures. The most important part is that this mix has created a safe environment. Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world so feel free to explore and get to know it’s most intricate details.

HK photo 3

Hong Kong is the perfect place for relax holidays and adventure if you are looking for a bit of both. It is an incredibly beautiful part of Asia that deserves more than a couple of days in a travelers itinerary.


 Written by: Laura Duque


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