Afghanistan’s Struggle for Peace

Peace is the most beautiful natural right of human beings but sometimes we have to fight for achieving this beauty. The only reason would be (some) people’s absurdity, ignorance or imprudence regarding several global issues and the way they choose to deal with these. In different eras and generations, holy warriors struggled for peace in their countries or regions and were rewarded promotion and success as their legacy for their future generations. One of the evident examples is Afghanistan, where its people have been fighting for decades in order to achieve peace, believing that peace means everything in a country and in its nation’s life.

The story of “Struggle for Peace” in Afghanistan started with the invasion of Soviet Union in 1979 when the people, Afghans, felt that their country is going to be occupied. Every individual felt the need for resistance against the power they were facing. They did not care about how, but they believed in why, which was the liberation of their mother land. Everyone got armed with their determination to fight for their motherland and to sell their lives for buying liberty and peace of their country. Eventually, Mikhail Gorbachev, president of  the Soviet Union at that time, ordered the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan after a decade of war with no achievement. Afghans celebrated the accomplishment of their goal, even if they lost one million of their dear lives.

As a newly liberated country, Afghans were dreaming of a prosperous and developed future, not knowing the extent of their leaders’ selfishness, which seemed to be playing with their dreams. The competition for taking control over this country between foreigner interventions and national parties (which emerged from their greed rather than care) led to chaos throughout the country. The peace which was achieved with a million of lives faded away with the self-interest of those ‘in-charge’. Afghanistan was divided into pieces which were controlled by different and opposing warlords, supported by different countries and they were fighting each other. The only ones who had to suffer were the people of the country.People who fought for liberty got rewarded with a life of terror. They could not justify the present situation but they resisted this wrong and still struggled for unity and peace which resulted in another half-a-million lives lost.

Eventually, this selfishness of the warlords did not allow them to meet a common resolution point and led to the invasion of United States over Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the people, who were not in favor of any party started to strive more for their survival. Anticipating their death in any moment, they resisted any situation and went on struggling for peace until they emptied most of the terrorists and formed their new government in 2004, with the cooperation of many countries.They were tired, but determined enough to accept any challenge for opening this new era. Every single family had their members lost in the past decades of war, but they were happy with their achievements. They knew that at least it is better than yesterday.

However, they have not yet achieved peace by all means. They are needed to struggle more to inherit a more secure country for their children. They are doing it and they will never get tired. No one has gotten tired of fighting for peace as long as peace is the ultimate objective in life. We share this objective as human beings and we are more civilized when we approach it together, as we are doing it.

Writen by: Massi Faqiri 


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