And the Oscar goes to…?

And the Oscar goes too…

These are the most famous five words in the Hollywood-Movie business. Last night on March 2nd 2014 the 86th annual Oscars took place. Filled with laughter, emotional speeches and the flare that the Oscars have before, during and after the show, surprises definitely shaped this years winners.

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As she had hosted many Oscars before, Ellen DeGeneres certainly was the perfect fit as host for this year. With her typical charm and humor that Ellen has she made the audience laugh and create an enjoyable atmosphere. She not only ordered pizza for some of the main actors (many thought

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she was joking), she had also managed to set a record Retweet of her picture on Twitter (2,3 million times).This had also resulted in Twitter’s servers being shut down for about 20 minutes. Because the host always has the ‘difficult’ job to mix entertainment and seriousness on stage, Ellen certainly managed to compliment both of these characteristics and therefore is a perfect fit to be hosting the Oscar events.

Pherell Williams and Pink gave memorable musical performances turning the formal Oscar halls into a small music festival. Pherell Williams was also nominated for his song ‘Happy’ in the animated feature film nominee ‘Despicable Me 2.’

So, the Oscar goes too…?

Within the main categories of Best Actor/Actress (and supporting fellows), Film Direction and Cinematography there were some big surprises, however completely deserved.

Amongst Leonardo DiCaprio’s countless nominations and this time for the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, Matthew McConaughey won the award for best actor in the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. Competing with big actors such as Christian Bale, McConaughey was welcomed by a thundering applause for winning the award. Giving a speech that not just inspired me, but also the rest of Hollywood and the millions of viewers, he has certainly made his Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.28.53mark in history and is climbing to the peek of becoming one of the best actors of all time. Jared Leto took home the award for the same film in the best supporting actor category. Leto gave a stirring speech, encompassing the importance of the film and the lives of HIV/Aids diagnosed people.

Her brilliant portrayal in ‘Blue Jasmine’, earned Cate Blanchet the Best Actress award. Giving an inspirational speech herself Blanchet filled with tears of joy was stunned by the win herself.

Amazingly, Gravity took home most of the Oscars last night for which Alfonso Cuarón won best director, competing with Martin Scorsese and Steve McQueen. Furthermore ‘Gravity’ took the awards for sound editing and mixing, and the cinematography award as well. Gravity had set new standards for the way we experience 3-D films. The fact that the first 30 minutes of the film were made with one continuous shot was clear enough to make sure the award is safe.

One of the most highly anticipated films for the evening was ‘12 years a slave’, telling the story of Solomon, a free man forced into slavery. The intense and emotionally packed story received the best film award and the award for best supporting actress, Lupita Nyong’o. Steve McQueen and Brad Pit more than thrilled honored the award with the entire cast wrapping up the 2014 Oscars.

What do you think? Did the winners deserve to take home the golden man? Leave us a comment and tell us who you believe are the winners of the night!




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