Another Take on the Refugee Crisis: Climate Change

With the amount of pressure that the international governments are having especially from UN and many climate change negotiations, now is the time when the governments and the authorities really need to implement real actions on climate change.

It’s been flooding with news about the Syrian refugee crisis that has occurred and how they have been affected by climate change. This climate issue is just an example for all countries to take precautions and actions regarding climate change. More than 2 billion Syrian people have been affected by climate change and it can go worse. This year, there will be Climate Negotiations in Paris which will gather many governments, youths and advocates from around the world to make an agreement to cut emissions and eradicate this problem by 2030.

Bill Hare of Climate Analytics stated that “It is clear that if the Paris meeting locks in present climate commitments for 2030, holding warming below 2 degrees could essentially become unfeasible, and 1.5°C beyond reach.” This year, indeed, many young people from around the world have been working on small measures to improve their climatic conditions may it be through advocating at public spaces, raising their voice through social media and paper or reaching out to their local governments to urge them to work on this issue.

It has been stated that 2015 has been the hottest of the year. Pakistan and its neighboring country, Iraq have had massive heatwave which have caused deaths of more than hundreds of people within days. And this is because the majority of people don’t have access to air conditioning, electricity and other facilities like cold water; these people still suffer and face harsh climate conditions.

Global warming affects our health and well-being and moreover, the safety of masses of population because natural disasters. It is your time to make a move, may it be big or small, to work on climate change and save the planet. Remember, every little action matters. With each one of you making small impacts in your communities, we can grow bigger together against this problem and eradicate it.

Written by: Shahzor Memon


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