Four Places To Visit In The Incredible City Of Poznań, Poland

Weekend Trips never really excited me. Too short, too stressful and comparatively expensive given that the transportation costs only spread over a short period of time. This changed as I grew older however. I started to be more busy working, studying or simply spending some time with my family. Then I learnt to appreciate weekend trips as short and sweet escapes from reality.

One of the most memorable ones I had was to Poland, more precisely the city of Poznań. It was the first time I visited Poland, I had not prepared for this trip at all nor even read any travel guides, so I went without any ideas or expectations of how it would be like. Luckily I had my local friend show me around. Not only did we do the mandatory sightseeing but at the same time I could observe the city through a more local lens.

I have to admit even though I love to learn about history, I am terrible at keeping facts. When I go to a place for the first time I get so carried away by all the new visual impressions, the unfamiliar smells and feels of air on the skin that I am too relaxed to remember any hard facts. And so it happened in Poznań, too.

The authenticity of the city that combined modern architecture with genuinely old buildings that had not been refurbished at all, swept me away. This contrast unbosomed the ongoing evolution of urban spheres. The old parts that allow you to travel back in time and get an idea how life looked like decades ago. Be it for a lack of money or for the preservation of cultural heritage, a city really gains in appeal if it manages to strike a balance between history and modernity. New shopping malls and housing estates on the other hand expose the economic advancement and the contemporary lifestyle of the people. My personal highlights of the trip and recommendations to anyone visiting Poznań are:

  • KontenerART
    Right by the river Warta next to an abandoned factory you find several containers forming a hybrid of a beach club and a temporary art gallery. It is great to spend summer evenings with a cold drink and good music.
  • Cafe La Ruina i Raj
    A couple of travellers set up this restaurant/ café after having been inspired by the cuisines of this world. They serve Asian Fusion, Italian, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Thai, Vegan, Vegetarian and Vietnamese food. The visit there was a delicious culinary experience!
  • Zielona Weranda
    One of the cutest cafes I have ever been to with an extensive choice of beverages ranging from homemade lemonade to all kinds of teas and much more. The best thing was their leafy backyard patio.
  • Stary Browar
    The refurbished brewery area is now an amazing shopping mall with great restaurants, both local and international shops. Aside from the shopping opportunities the building is an architectural beauty.

Even though the city does not yet rank among the most known weekend destinations, it is a beautiful and laid-back place with a lot of things to discover where no crowds à la Eiffel Tower await. I would go again any day.

Svea Freiberg


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