Autumn falls over Faneuil Hall

Boston, USA (2015)

I held on tight to my coat- it was getting colder and colder. Everywhere I looked there were bright Christmas lights that never seemed to go out. I could not escape from the amazing smell coming from the stalls in Quincy Market or the beautiful music coming from the street artists. In other words, I was immersed in the autumn evening at Faneuil Hall.

There is something about the autumn evenings that you can’t resist. Somehow, artificial lights seem more beautiful. Somehow, closed stores seem more desirable (maybe this is because you don’t actually end up spending lots of money). Music sounds deeper, more resonant and more emotional than it would in a summer afternoon. Food smells more irresistible and people seem closer and together. There is something about the darkness, the evening that builds the mood. There is something about the autumn evening at Faneuil Hall.

Faneuil Hall in the autumn evening is a remarkable place and time that brings people together. You see different cultures and customs coming together. All the people there are different, all share various stories and have been through diverse experiences and emotions, but somehow, they are all together at that moment. Even through having different experiences, they all collectively share the same experience. They are all part of the bigger picture.

The grasshopper weather vane that rests on the top of the building is a striking feature. You may not see it very well during the evening, but when you see it, you somehow appreciate it more. The way Christmas lights bounce on and off its body, how the silhouette seems more elegant and monumental and the way it overlooks people’s whispers, secrets and different emotions always makes me wonder of all the things it must have witnessed.

The buildings that are lined up look both similar and different. All carry different ideas, people and stories but they are all together. They remind me of families, communities and group of friends, and how they are so different on their own, but when together, they are one. These buildings are one. They are family, friends, and community.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace has come through a long way. It has endured, even through difficult times, over 250 long years. It has witnessed so much and is a part of so many memories and events. Every single thing that constitutes this place holds in them some form of history, the times that went by.

When the winter, spring or summer will come, I am probably going to see their own kind of beauty that they bring over Faneuil Hall. The people will laugh and sing in different ways, the lights will feel different and the atmosphere will be different. But I will always come back to remember the chilly, beautiful and cozy autumn evening at Faneuil Hall.

Written by: Jess (Ye Seul) Kim


Featured image via Louis Abate.



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