Be the change you wish to see in the world


‘The day you came into existence is the day you changed the world’

 – Ioana-Alexandra Tache

Imagine the world without you: your family would be changed, your friends wouldn’t be how you know them and all the people you ever met would probably end up differently.

Every single one of us has brought something, considerable or not, to this world. Since the day we were born, the world around us has developed according to our actions. Whoever we met and wherever we went, we changed or at least we influenced them in some way. Everything is shaped by everything and everyone, accordingly.

Let’s take for example travel, out of this entire ‘everything’. All the people you meet get to hear your story and pick up small or substantial details about you, meaning that they will be marked in some way by your presence. Eventually, they might remember you and the stories you told; we keep in mind what interests us and so do the others that listen to us. At one point in our lives or our travels, it might be 100% possible to change someone or something just by being there. People are meant to learn all their lives, especially from one another. This is why we should try to bring a positive influence to the world: smile to a stranger, help a senior pass the street, play with a kid, bring food to the less fortunate, speak up for your or others’ rights – and little by little, from one to another, from small things to big things, a change will be done. ‘United we stand, divided we fall’- the famous phrase reads, for centuries now. In these lines, if we make sure that we, individually, only bring positive changes to the world, the world will eventually stop ‘falling’.

Let’s now take as an example the current, unfortunate events happening in the world: the war returned in Palestine, there are planes missing in Asia and crashing in Europe, there is hunger, poverty and significant death in Latin America or Africa and many other places. For some, who are far away from this, the world might be a safe place – but it’s not. Still, some of those who are away from trouble are trying to help the others in need by taking different actions, such as campaigning, fundraising, protesting or starting movements. At the basis of all these actions there are words, ideas and willpower. Sometimes words get to be powerful and for the time being I am hoping to bring the change I am talking about, in this way. Some might think it is absurd, puerile, too idealistic, you name it; and I agree – it would be silly not to. But in the end, everything is worth a try. Big things start from an idea only and if others share the same principles, why not try to put something into practice. Moreover, people should come together not only when there are tragic events happening, but also during the peaceful times. It might be utopian to think this way, but if many would follow the same ideals, a change will automatically occur.

Last but not least, we keep believing that we don’t live in the 30s-40s anymore, when war was dominating the world, but this is true only for the developed world – namely, the West. Even if the West seems or asserts to be helping the developing world, why shouldn’t they try to do even more? Given the technologies already existing and those that are probably not available to the greater public, the situation in the world could change for better and on different levels. Again, there might be a lot of other unknown or too complicated factors for my common understanding, which are in the way of this big change happening, but still: we sent people on the Moon, there’s a robot on Mars for more than a year and there are thousands of satellites in space. It appears that things look better in the outer space, therefore, how much harder could it be to make it better on the planet?

Overall, as humanity managed to explore the universe and invest a lot of money in the outside world, why does it seem so impossible to invest in the issues on the ground? In my opinion, the first step in solving problems is to raise awareness and cultivate a greater knowledge about what is going on in the world, not only in critical times. Going back to the idea that ‘the day we came into existence is the day we changed the world’, people should try to make sure their existence brings as much of a positive, memorable change as possible – and not only at the individual level or in a closed circle, but at a larger level. I truly hope that if others share the same views with me, they speak up; speaking up has brought changes before, when globalisation was on much lower levels than it is now, and it could definitely happen again in our times, when information gets from a corner of the world to another in a blink of an eye.

Until next time, open your eyes and your ears to what the world has to tell you!

By: Ioana- Alexandra Tache



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