Being A Strong Woman In the Century Of Kardashians and Ferragnis/ ISM Issue 41

We shared this issues once already, here is a reloaded version, we believe you simply cannot miss out on being informed about these topics:

How to make a stand as a twenty first century woman when all we see around are Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Chiara Ferragni? Even though one cannot neglect their sense for business and their immense success, but at what cost? Modern feminism is at the core of our yet best issue!

If you had not yet heard of the hashtag #RUReference list, it is about time you get to know about student riots in South Africa’s Rhodes University after cases of sexual assault and rape became public.

Since the Mafia in Italy is gaining momentum, #TeamSkies’ Edgardo from Italy wrote a brief about what you need to know about the Mafia’s schemings that go as far as starting to pose a huge threat to civil society.

In this issue we welcome our new writer Zena Alhiti! In her article about photography she shares all the facts about the beautiful art that you had not yet known about.


Articles by Zena Alhiti, Bianca Bârsan, Madison Melton, Edgardo Schiena, Sharon Tirado

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