Being Black vs. Being White – A Short but Powerful Comparison (VIDEO)

In spite of the recent events developing in the USA and better said, in spite of the ongoing events developing probably all over the world, today we are going to talk about race. It is a generally acknowledged (though ‘unsaid’) fact that even in 2015 the White race tends to have advantages over any other race. And I think this is not and should not be acceptable anymore!

We proudly proclaim that we live in a globalised, united, ever closer world. But, do we? It is true, to some degrees at least – in terms of technology advancements, social developments or information flow – but even these aspects are genuinely selective and still dividing.

These are the realities surrounding us, even if sometimes people choose to only see the glass half full. And I am not saying that optimism and positivism are not good – I am myself such a person, but we need to go beyond our personal needs and comfort and look at the bigger, more troubling picture. Throughout time, too many people have fought, lost and died for appreciation, rights and a better future, but it seems that we are going backwards. I am not saying they did not succeed, I am just saying that we have to keep things straight and go beyond stereotypes and prejudices.

Anyway, the  Brave New Films team took the issue of Racism and put it into perspective, by comparing the treatment of Black and White people in the US (as shown by different studies). Here is their short video:


Last but not least, both White and non-White people do wrong from time to time and they are to blame, but individually! It is not acceptable to make entire generations suffer or be treated differently because of some wrong that some person did at some point. Think about it, maybe it is time to make a change!

For more eye and mind opening videos by BNF you can click here. “Brave New Films is an organization focused on using new media and internet video campaigns to inform the public, challenge corporate media with truth and motivate people to take action on social issues nationwide.”

By Ioana-Alexandra Tache




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