Black Teen Gets Arrested For Buying A $350 Belt

I am baffled, angry, and simply almost giving up on governmental systems… so, a kid goes to shop for a belt and just because he has a skin colour that is not “White”, he gets arrested?

Yes, I maybe agree that the belt is overpriced and that he saved up multiple pay checks to buy it… but, if he had bought a playstation instead that costs the same… that would have been okay.

We really have to kick racism out of our society, and we should start with the NYPD.

Here is a link to the story:

And an interesting discussion from The Young Turks:

P.S The boy now is still chasing the law suit against the NYPD and Barney’s and I hope he wins so big enough to buy the damn belt company.

P.S.S No matter what race you are, buying a 350$ belt is stupid (but, you should still be allowed to do it)

Almustafa M. Khalid



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