Bring me back to life


Dear you,


First of all I would like to say that I understand that we live in a world of technology. We are extremely bombarded with all sorts of information. We have at our hands, brand new and different types of new gadgets. Surprisingly, most of them are related with communication and how to improve it. We now face latest-generation mechanisms that break with any type of frontier. Technology has no limit and does not understand about distance. It is funny how sometimes technology can keep you in touch with people from the other side of the world. These types of communicational means are above all, fast, easy and approachable. However that is not an excuse not to use me.


Taking your current background into account, I believe I should start by asking a quite simple question: Do you remember me? I have been next to mankind since the creation of writing. I used to travel the world making connection between people easy. It is true that I always needed time to do my work. Nevertheless, I never complained about schedules. I was even called to go to war. There, my task was nothing but crucial. I carried news. I was the bearer of hope, love, friendship but also of death and despair. Sometimes I was not effective.  Sometimes people carried me until their last breaths. I followed lives and shared feelings proving I was always the best confidant. I carried all your secrets. In fact, in certain cases I have even experimented both drops of perfume as well as the taste of tears. Why did you stop using me? I thought that my job was important for you.


Please come back, let me be part of your life again. I would love to be able to transmit your deepest feelings. I want to feel the touch of your handwriting and be the witness of the other person’s emotions. I want to be kept in a box or even in a drawer with the multiplicity of myself. I would love to be reread over and over again making the receptor rekindle the most precious moments. Can you not see the uniqueness of my nature? Can you not understand that my value is immeasurable? Can you not appreciate the fact that I can touch other people’s hearts? If you let me, I can live forever.


I wish you cared about long-lasting pieces of emotion.

I wish I could not be replaced by technology.

It is all up to you.

Please bring me back to life…Again.



Best regards,

A letter.


By: Celia de la Hoz.



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