Climate Change and Its Impact on Health


While the summers are a great getaway for people to enjoy their break and relax, this year the summers have had an adverse effect on people. This July, Pakistan’s metropolitan city, Karachi and many small towns have experienced a gradual increase in the heat like never before in history.

The extreme hot weather has caused heat wave and several health issues experienced especially by laborers, children and old people. As the gradual rise in temperature, within a short glance, this heatwave caused more than 200 deaths in the metropolitan city alone in just one week, as reported by much local news.

Being part of the South myself, I along with my friends, have reached out to many locals, majority of which were underserved people and workers. They had no facilities, but were supported by individuals and hospitals on a short notice about this emergent issue. While we can spread awareness to teach people how to cope with adverse climatic issues such as heatwave or provide hydrating medicines and cold water, the solution needs to be more innovative and it is important to see it as a big picture.

Heatwave is just part of the big problem. Each year, Pakistan faces environmental and climatic threats which have affected people’s health and productivity. May it be droughts, floods, heat or so on, the problem remains there, especially of Climate Change, and has taken different forms every year because all political leaders and socialists focus only on short term solution i.e. to provide onsite support and facilities for a short duration to the affected population. Yet so few Climate reformers are working to build policies to protect the natural environment.

These repeated cycles of climatic problems of all sorts have affected the lifestyle of many marginalized and underserved masses. Policies and strategies need to be made to build stronger networks that promote support and improvement for our environment and climate along with willingness to expose the Pakistani Community to this issue and do research on it.

Remember, our climate plays a vital role in our health and lifestyles.

Written by: Shahzor Memon


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