Collecting Memories

The act of travelling is formed by two moments: the experience itself and the memories that this experience leaves in each traveler. The memories created stay fresh in our minds for a limited amount of time and start fading away with the passing of the years. If we try to remember that one trip we did 10 years ago we realize that sometimes we don’t remember the exact names of the cities we visited or we do not remember were exactly did we eat that amazing typical desert. Do you remember?

Sometimes our memory is not good enough and we need a little help to remember and to have the bigger picture of our collection of experiences. This is one of the reasons why travelers start collecting diverse objects such as photos, pins, patches, magnets, shirts, hoodies, postcards, pens, shots, travelling journals, coins etc.

Travelers start creating specific collections as a way to remember that they visited a specific city and brought a little piece of it with them. This little piece is not replaceable because it represents a specific moment from the past. The collection of all the little pieces creates the big picture of all those special experiences that are important in one way or another.

Each souvenir or item you collect has a story behind that represents the moment in which you acquired it. No matter if you prefer writing journals or buying pins, travel collections help you keep track of your past and the route you have taken.

Written by: Laura Duque


Photo source © Becoming Martha



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