Countries of the World: Discovering Costa Rica

Whenever I was imagining Costa Rica, I tended to picture it as a place where you can stay on the beach non-stop, under the sun, sipping cocktails. But, this image has been ruined when a friend of mine crashed my dreams by comparing the weather in Costa Rica with the one in Scotland. Still, even if there are two main seasons – a dry season that runs December-April and a rainy season that runs May-November, this country has a lot more to offer that we might not be aware of.

  1. Costa Rica is slightly smaller than Lake Michigan and has 801 miles of coastline. Even if it’s quite a small country (51,100 square km), it has more than 121 volcanic formations with seven of them being active – Poás Volcano has the second widest crater in the world, and Arenal is one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world.

  2. The Central American country takes 0.03% of the planet’s surface, still, it hosts more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity. There are over 130 species of fish, 220 of reptiles, 1,000 butterflies (10% of the world’s butterflies) 9,000 plants, about 750,000 species of insects and 20,000 various kinds of spiders that live in Costa Rica – YIKES!

  3. The country has no standing Army at the moment, as it was abolished after the last Civil War in 1948. Also, it is the longest standing democracy in Central America.

  4. The literacy rate in Costa Rica is of 96%! One amazing fact is that, in rural areas where people cannot afford to go to school, classes are taught live (on air) over a national radio station! – Impressive, I can say.

  5. Instead of saying the common ‘I’m fine’ when asked about how they are doing, the locals use the expression ‘Pura Vida’  (EN: pure life) – a positive, feel good expression.


Until next time, open your eyes and your ears to what the world has to tell you!

 Written by: Ioana-Alexandra Tache




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