Croatia’s Falling Waters

Hidden in the mountains between Split and Zagreb in Croatia lays one of the most amazing natural parks called Plitvice. The continuous flow of water between 16 crystal water lakes is what makes it such a special place. It has an area of 296.85 square kilometers and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Natural Sites.


The charm of this place is increased by the diversity of wildlife that coexists around it. Here, where waterfalls seem to be endless, there are brown bears, crabs, snakes, fish, butterflies and different amphibian in addition to beautiful orchids and carnivorous plants. Some of these can be seen just as you walk around the lakes.


It can be visited in any season since it has it’s own transforming beauty throughout the year. Bright, green and refreshing during summer or all frozen and covered in snow during winter. The lakes and the landscape in real life look better than the professional pictures you can find online. It is a place you have to see through your own eyes.


Getting there once you are in Croatia is simple and fast. There are buses from the main cities (Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar) that leave you directly at the entrance of the park. Once you arrive you can choose which trail you want to take according to the time you want to walk. There are 9 different programs lasting from 2 to 10 hours. There is also an option to bike or to take special trails for people that are passionate about hiking.


Accommodation at Plitvice is easy to find. Most of the houses in the town right next to the park function as guesthouses and receive tourists all year long. No matter which one you chose, the owners will welcome you with a typical shot of home made brandy and will make sure that you have a great experience during your stay.

If you are planning a week of relax, peace and a bit of adventure or if you want to take some great photos and experience a bit of wildlife, far away from the noisy life in the city, this is the right place to go.

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 Written by: Laura Duque

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