Dear you


Dear YOU,


It is very hard for me to write this letter. It has been a while since we last saw each other and I would like an explanation. What happened? Tell me, what did I do wrong? The past few days I have been reflecting on all the possible reasons for you not to want me anymore and honesty, I cannot find any decent one. Was it me? Did I let you down? Have you found someone else? Just tell me what is wrong so I can fix it…if you still care.


The past few days I have also been thinking about our entire relationship. Do you remember how we met? Our paths crossed at a relatively early age and you were there for me since the very beginning. Completely loyal you were to me although, sometimes, I was hard to understand. There were even occasions when you considered the idea of abandoning me… but remained by my side. I cannot stop rekindling every single moment we lived together. We used to be invincible. What happened? I remember everything… The good and bad memories by your side. I can recall the first time you saw me with your frightened and beautiful eyes. Since that moment we became inseparable. We did pretty much everything together even though sometimes we needed breaks. We were habitually able to overcome every single obstacle. I was always by your side trying to show you my affection. I loved you since the very first moment that we spent together. How can you leave me this way? I saw you crying in the middle of the night and those were the moments when you loved me most. It was funny how we belonged together. You were rather an extension of me and made things easier.

There were hard times when those who loved you the most tried to separate us. At first you were able to reject them but other times you hesitated. I know that I was not perfect for you. I could have done so much more to make it work out but now…it’s just too late. I cannot believe it just ended. We had so many plans and goals to accomplish together. I had the idea of spending my entire life with you but I guess you found the courage to leave me… even if I thought you would never start a new life without me. We used to be separated occasionally but no matter what, you always returned to me.


Guess right now I should have faith that everything will work out for the best but I cannot… I see you now in a different way, much more mature. I believe it’s time for you to fly. It’s time for you to stand out of the crowd and raise your voice. It’s time for you to be honest to yourself. It’s time for you to consider yourself as capable of everything. It’s time for you to be able to take actions without doubting. It’s time for you to shine and feel happiness. It’s time for you to change me for courage. It’s time for you to be FREE and not controlled by me. It’s time you leave me… for the best.


No matter what… I will always love you.





By: Celia de la Hoz



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