Don’t click. Don’t open this article. Don’t read. Don’t scroll down. Don’t continue

Why are you still here? I told you not to click. Not to open the article. Not to read. Not to scroll down and even worse, not to continue.

Are you challenging me? I will try again…

Don’t click again. Don’t maintain this article open. Don’t keep reading it. Do not scroll down. Don’t continue.


Still here? In that case, you win. However, I also win.  You now might be asking to yourself what is this all about…What if I told you that you have been manipulated? What if I had pushed you to keep reading? What if I didn’t ask for permission to do it? And… What if I told you how I did it? The answer is clear: PROHIBITION.


Nowadays, human beings are fully absorbed in their busy lives. They need something to remind them they are alive. The best way can be through causing an impact that will force them to get out their occupied minds. Here is where prohibition comes into play. When humans are exposed to something that is forbidden it instantly becomes attractive. It happens constantly in our daily routines with relationships, cars, alcohol or drugs and even in our professional environment. We tend to desire things even more just because they are out of our reach. We love being in control of situations and cannot stand the idea of not fulfilling our desires. We, humans, feel so powerful but are rather vulnerable. It is so easy to manipulate us. Society, companies and governments are constantly doing it. You are now aware. Take advantage of it. So, next time you want to achieve something… Maybe you should start by prohibiting it !

Celia de la Hoz.



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