Do You Know Your Office?

Know Your Office 

I guess upon seeing the title of this article you might be wondering, “Know my office? What do you mean by that?” Relax! I will surely tell you what I mean by that.

Most of us occupy offices at our various places of work. Depending on the company, it could be an opened or closed office.

As is custom to most closed offices, there’s a door on which is posted the name and portfolio of the occupant. So if my name is Kwaku Mensah, and I’m the Chief Executive Officer of XYZ Company, you’ll see my name, “Kwaku Mensah”, and “Chief Executive Officer” on my door. Good!

Now, let’s go to the real substance of this article. What makes you an occupant of that portfolio and office? I don’t think it was by sheer luck, or looks, or just a certificate. I reckon it was due to the display of a certain quality or skill that is relevant for that office. Maybe you had displayed great leadership quality. Or maybe you were seen a visionary who has something to offer the business and to take it to the next level of growth.

In another illustration, someone who’s good at speaking will more probably be given the job of a publicist or media relations officer. Another who’s good with numbers and is skilled in accounting will be the accountant of the company. An accountant will not at any point be given the role or office of a publicist or vice versa. Can you imagine the chaos and possible losses the company will incur doing that?

You see, the whole world can be seen as a big company; with us humans as office occupants. You’re entitled to be in your office because the CEO, who’s God in this case has trained you by giving you a talent, skill or gift that’s relevant for your office. I may never be able to hold your office; neither would you be able to hold mine.

I cannot play soccer as Lionel Messi does, no matter how hard I try. He may not be able to write and speak as I do. We all have a skill that passes us for what we do. Can you imagine the confusion if Lionel Messi was a musician and John Legend a soccer player? Or Mohammed Ali a soccer player and Bill Gates a movie star? It would be really chaotic watching them.

This is how most of us are living today. We have left our ‘offices’ and have gone to occupy others’. You were not meant to be a medical doctor, but because you were told or have heard it’s prestigious, you’re now one. What will happen? Unnecessarily deaths. Yes, you may have the ‘book’ knowledge, but there’s something more when you have the passion and natural flair for what you do.

We allow social commentary about a profession to encourage or discourage us into pursuing careers in those professions. I don’t join the world to cry about the issue of joblessness. You know why? It’s simply because we’ve left our offices empty, unoccupied, and are competing with others for their offices and space.

You can make the best out of what you have. It’s all dependent on how relevant you want to be. I have the talent of teaching and writing. But to be relevant, I won’t settle down for just a primary teacher (please I’m not looking down on primary teachers here); I’ll study and read more to be a world acclaimed speaker. I won’t only utilise my talent in writing to produce lesson notes for my pupils; I can as well deploy the talent of writing in bestselling author books and articles. It all depends on you!

You know you have what it takes to be a farmer. Who says it is a vocation for the poor? A good number of farmers the world over are millionaires. If you have the passion and talent to teach, go for it. It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is how far you want to get with what you do. The key is to remain relevant. Read all you can in your field. Improve on your skills. Challenge yourself, and stretch out beyond your normal self. It will amaze you the number of doors that will open for you.



The writer, Jonathan Adzokpe, is the author of The Realities of Life After School. It’s a book written to empower students and graduates with information on how the real world feels like and how to better prepare and position themselves to live successfully after school.



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