Expressing Love With Silence

I am the type of man that keeps a few people close and others as acquaintances, this method helps me lead greater and more meaning relationships with my best friends and family. To be able to show them how much they mean to me, I like being honest about that and use my words to express to them my feelings towards them, but I figured that after a few times, words lose their weight and would not mean as much as they did a few times ago.
So, I met this one person that means a lot to me that has already found a solution to that same problem I have, and it is to keep these words hidden and divert them into actions. If you love someone so much, it is what you do for them that matters. If you say you love someone but hurt them with your actions or not even know what makes them happy and what makes them sad, they will not remember you saying you love them or that you appreciate them when they are hurt.

Of course, I am not telling anyone to abstain from saying nice things to those you love, but it will mean a lot more when you act about how you feel towards these people then say nice things when they feel like hearing it.

Saying what I have said above does not mean I was not doing nice things to those I like, but I have silenced some words when they wanted to come out and instead did something especially nice and that showed great progress in my relationships. Actions stick in the memory, but saying “you mean a lot to me bro!” a lot is weird and will not be as appreciated as standing for your ‘Bro” in a hard time.


Almustafa Mahmoud

*Featured image is a Copy right of Graham Keen on Flickr



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