Five Things That Make Christmas Perfection

Unbelievable, two days till Christmas and we still haven’t posted anything about it!

Don’t worry guys, I am fixing this error ASAP.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people that get super hyped about christmas and actually start their countdown for the next christmas on January 1st.

Therefore, I am going to declare my eternal love for Christmas, right here on Independent Skies and post my top five favourite things about it! Ohhh the excitement!

1) Finally Going Home.

We live in a fully globalised world where travelling has become the norm. Many of us study abroad, thousands of miles away from what we call home, others just prefer to wander the world in search of the next big opportunity. Whatever the situation is, the unwritten rule is that Christmas is for family and therefore, we  all have to travel those miles to get back home. Try calling your mother and telling her you are not coming back for christmas, lets see how that goes for you.

2) Home Food!

As much as you may love your local takeaway place, there is nothing that can ever beat your grandma’s cooking. If there is, then call me and we can check it out, or go get your taste buds checked out. Honestly, I’d go with the second option.

3) The Weather

If it was any other time of the year we’d notice how the cold bites our skin, the clouds just manage to make us look paler than ever and the snow tends to become yellowish/greyish too quickly, and then we end up slipping in it completely disgusted. However, during the Christmas holidays we manage to create this magnificent bubble  around us that sees the; cold, clouds and  the (sparse) snow as something wonderful and majestic.

4) Presents

I don’t wan’t to sound like I am a super materialistic person, but receiving presents is awesome.  Ever heard anybody say ‘Noo, please, no more presents!? No? thought so.   Its the wonderful sight of seeing a perfectly wrapped gift with your name of it,  its the beautiful sound when you tear off the wrapping paper in your haste to get the present, and most importantly when you look at the person who got you the gift, their hesitant face, hoping that you will like it, and seeing a smile break out on their face when they see you love it.

5) The Christmas Mood

Everybody seems to be in so much of a better mood. Regardless of your belief in Santa Claus (that is the next christmas article), everybody is simply nicer, more caring and just generally more thoughtful than the other days of the year.  Smiles are contagious!




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