From Barcelona With Love

"You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person." 
- Alec Waugh 

Love can be defined, explained, portrayed and experienced in many many ways. One can love a man, a woman; it can even be a pet that you love; the other can be part of the family or simply a friend; it can be hard or it can be easy; and these are just few ways people tend to talk about love. But today we are not going to talk about the typical love, where one person loves another; today we are going to talk about falling in love with and loving places. For me it makes sense both ways; as you would fall in love at first sight with a person only by looking at them or being emotionally marked by what they do or say, from my point of view, it works the same way with a new place. This is why, whenever I think about the place I fell in love with, I think of Barcelona, Spain.


I travelled to Barcelona few years ago, but I still remember it as if it was yesterday. Before going there I only knew that the city is on the coast, the weather is very hot and that Gaudí left behind some great architectural creations. Actually, the main reason I wanted to visit Barcelona in the first place was that I wanted to see Gaudí’s work with my own eyes. And of course, after 2 years of living mainly in the UK, I really needed some sun, hot weather and the beach. Fortunately, good friends of mine lived in Barcelona at that time, and I had the opportunity to get there; and I was amazed: there was something really special about the city, the people, the culture – it was something new and different than what I was used to. Of course every place has its own story and its own particularities, but Barcelona made me remember it. Maybe it was the sun that made people happy and the landscapes colourful; maybe it was the beach; maybe it was the beautiful and definitely unique architecture, or the parks filled with joy and good vibes. Probably it was all this, plus the fact that I have never felt so good, free and without worries while wandering around the city (whether I was alone or with my friends). Overall, I liked where I am, with who I am and what I am in Barcelona; and constantly thinking of what else is there to see and discover. Being there pushed me to want to explore more. And so I did – I tried a bit of everything: drank some glasses of Sangria, followed the Siesta, listened to live music, on the beach, in the sun and walked around the city as much as I could. I wished I could do that every day, as the locals seemed to be doing this on a daily basis (of course, I am not saying that all they do sums up to this, but this is how it felt like). It was great being part of such experience and it was great to discover that a place can offer so much emotions.


So, yea. Barcelona was a great place to see and live in for a while, it is definitely my dream city and I most certainly want to go back there because 5 days were not enough. Even if after those days it felt like a slap in the face from reality to go back to rainy England, I was so impressed with the city and all the cultural traits it passed on, that I managed to collect around 2,000 pictures to make sure that I will remember every moment I spent there – and it worked. To sum up my little escape to Barcelona, the few words that come to my mind when I think about that place are: grandiose, extravagant, friendly, diverse, catchy, dreamy.  I kindly recommend travelling to Barcelona if you could use some sun and a great cultural experience and if you believe in falling in love with places.


Until next time, open your eyes and your ears to what the world has to tell you.

Ioana- Alexandra Tache



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