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My name is Shahzor. I’m an 18 year old average teenager. I live a completely normal life with normal people and I’m thankful for what I have had in my life. Since a very young age, I have loved helping people and was engaged in sorts of volunteering throughout the districts with my family. Soon that passion became a great success for me; I had the opportunity to travel to different remote villages and mentor students and their families using my personal experiences and expertise. Being in touch with different organizations and professionals since 15, I was doubted at times that I’m thinking to high, beyond my age. At times there would be organizations which would support me, at times many would doubt me based on my age and maturity.

Some time ago, I had this idea to launch an organization in order to connect people from different parts of the world and together with them, to be able to help them do campaigns in their communities. I had to wait till I was fully mature to launch, and that took more than a year to be registered. I still didn’t give up. It was my venture to travel different parts of the country and counsel children and act as an advocate. This is how YEW was created – a platform aiming to promote leadership and civic participation throughout the globe, running by the motto ‘Break boundaries,be an active citizen and change the world’. Besides YEW, I have travelled  the Thar desert (desert that runs along India and Pakistan) to support famine-affected people, I have  supported people of Palestine (with the help of friends) when the country had blocked to provide aid or transfer money, and I have also managed to mentor and volunteer in 5 different US States.

It all happened and became possible because of my flaming hope and determination when even the governments and the people I knew doubted me and never held out their hand to help me through their power.  I like to believe that I have great stories to tell, lives to inspire and minds to change. I am determined to continue what I have been doing since I was a kid and it is this determination that has earned me of achieving a shortlisted nominee position for the N-Peace Awards supported by UNDP. To win this fully, I would need your support. If you think we are on the same page, all you have to do is cast an online vote and share this with your friends to support me. Here is my nominee profile where you can show your support:

Remember, just like “Each life matters”,  “Each vote also matters to create a difference.”

Thank you!

Written by Shahzor Memon






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