Fundraising Campaign?… Not Again!

By: Heinz Hartweger 

In our society fundraising campaigns and charity events are growing like the weed in morocco. Every new crisis or catastrophe results in hundreds of hypocrites, who pretend compassion with victims. This empathy starts from a phrase like “somebody has to help those people, they are so poor” after watching a censured documentary on Fox news and ends up starting an event to raise money, where literally nobody really cares about sufferers. At the end of the day when we ask for the bill, nobody gives a damn about others anymore. We just pretend to care about other people, because we prostitute ourselves for the prestige we are getting. Due to the fact that we enjoy the “you are such a good person”, “you really try to change something” from people we don´t really know and don’t really need. But why shouldn’t we? This behaviour is packed in our daily lives. NGO´s are mostly inefficient, the collected money gets lost on the way to assistance, because everyone wants to get their piece of commiseration cake. Politicians are travelling to catastrophic regions to claim their consternation, because it’s a must have. What about the media? Oh the lovely media, jumps from one hot story to the other. The fight for best quotes, for the best story and for the most suffering never ends. However they cannot be blamed, this is how our system works.

But what happens when the new hype is over? When the situation loses its kick, no one bats an eye anymore. But are we fine now? We gave the sorrowed people our attention; satisfied our conscience and we can continue to live with our Gucci bags over our shoulders and our Ray Ban glasses on our noses. The only people who are losing the game are the victims of the catastrophes. However, this isn’t enough. We have done our part. In reality it is not done. This isn´t enough. This is why we established #Magkahiusa. We could have made a fundraising event for the Ukraine crisis. Would have perfectly matched the hype. But we did´t do it. This is because #Magkahiusa is not about the prestige of trying to help someone. It is about the opportunity we got. We have part of our team in the Philippines. So now we really do have the possibility to help someone. We can really collect funds, which isn´t ending up in better accommodation, better food for charity works or prestige gifts for possible investors. With #Magkahiusa we have the chance to help people. Don´t get me wrong. I am not saying we are better than anyone else. We are also extremely hypocritical, we watch documentaries about the sorrow of people in the Ukraine, yet many people still consume Eastern European pornography, where many of the females have been sex trafficked. I am just saying we got the possibility to provide efficient help and we are using it. #Magkahiusa has a simple system. We are selling t-shirts for the price of 15 Euros. We pay the supplier with part of the amount and 100 percent of the money left will be transferred to our team in the Philippines. They are buying rice with it. Through the change rate which is around 61, 30 PHP we can buy around 3000 kg of rice. When we consider that 25 kg can give the basic needs to feed a five person family for a month this doesn’t sound so bad. We also have a bank account where everyone can donate.



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