Gravity Movie Review

In light of this years Oscar nominees and ceremony at the beginning of March let’s look at the most successfully grossing film of 2014. Nominated for ten golden man statues, especially in the big categories of ‘Best Director, Best Motion Picture, and Best Actress in a leading role’ Gravity sets new standards for 3-D animation and cinematography.

Luckily Gravity, besides being nominated for ten Oscars, also had a box office explosion of $268,345,782 (Box Office Mojo, 2014) making it the most successful grossing Oscar-nominee of 2014. So let’s take a look at the movie.

Sandra Bullock (Ryan Stone) and George Clooney (Matt Kowalski) are sent with the Explorer shuttle to the space station STS-157. During a space walk, conducted by both Stone and Kowalski, a Russian missile strike in space caused a chain reaction with high-speed debris, which now orbits earth and it is on collision course with their space walk. gravity-movie-review-space-2As the connection to mission control gets lost quite rapidly the two astronauts now face the challenge to board the Explorer again and re-enter earth. However, the debris hits their space station destroying the explorer. Both Stone and Kowalski tumble out into space and face an imminent threat of survival. Kowalski catches up with Stone and they begin their new escape mission to the ISS. Unluckily, they both encounter more issues along the way such as oxygen loss, yet as this is not supposed to be a spoiler alert for those who have not seen the film, let’s leave it at this with the plot.

More importantly, which is an achievement and art within itself is the cinematography of the film. The first scene alone does not cut or get edited for at least 20 minutes creating an impressive continuous shot. Through the added the 3-D effect of the film, you can imagine being in outer space feeling the intensity of the empty space of the infinite universe.

Besidesgravity the sound mixing of Stones breathing, Bullock portrays an excellent character showing a person who is desperate for her survival. She encompasses the complexity of her character and the fact that she is adrift alone in outer space. Although the film only totals to a 90 minute running time, Bullock makes it feel that we are an eternity in the cold dark cosmos.

Under the direction of Alfonso Cuarón the movie created a story like no other. The vision in filming and writing the plot Cuarón has taken filmmaking to newer levels making the experiences of going to the movies a necessity. So before the Oscars take place on March 2nd make sure that you watch Gravity in order to see a movie that has made statement in the film history.

Here is the trailer so make sure you give it a look and make sure you don’t let go!






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