Happy National Day, Romania!

‘You took your country back 20 years ago and you needed much courage for this. You proved yourselves and to the world how much you wished to be independent. […] You are a strong country and you’re gonna get even stronger!’ – Kevin Costner

Two weeks ago I was writing about and thanking the Romanian expats that stood in line in order to vote for a better future. Today, when Romania celebrates 96 years since the Great Union (also known as the Union of Transylvania with Romania), I will be writing about what Romania means to me and also, to the world. I have always tried to represent Romania in the best ways possible and I guess, now that I have the opportunity, I can also share my thoughts with the world. But, as some people might not be familiar with Romania, I will start by showing you a video that was viral few years ago, entitled ‘The World without Romania’.

Now that you familiarised your selves with my home country, I will try to portray Romania from an insider’s point of view. More specifically, I will tell you why I love Romania.

I love Romania because it gave me life. My grandparents we born and raised in Romania, my parents was born and raised in Romania, I was born and raised in Romania. Romania has been our home for countless generations who encountered very tough, suffering times. Even so, at the end of every rough period, our ancestors managed to get passed any danger and kept Romania alive. 1918, 1944, 1989 are just some of the years of great importance for our country which led Romania on the path to 2014. A lot changed, some stayed the same, but as Queen Marie was once saying: ‘Romania stands.

Romania, the country I love and have to live for, stands and stands!’ I love Romania despite all the negative perceptions, despite the political, economic or social situations and despite the scandals. I believe Romania should be the country of the people, not of those who decide in the name of the people.

Romania gave our generation a chance. We managed to make ourselves heard, not only within the EU or Europe, but also worldwide. Our scientists, artists and people of all kinds or professions took Romania further. At times, there has been some bad publicity towards Romania, negative opinions and even politics coming from other countries, but we managed to get over that too.

Having the opportunity to travel, I tried to highlight the good sides of Romania and explain that we are not the same old, Eastern European, underdeveloped country, but that we are growing, and growing nicely. Our people and our places are developing at a fast pace and the rest of the world should be aware of this.

Overall, I love Romania because she gave me a chance.

Getting to know a little bit more about Romania makes you figure out that this ex Eastern European country (I say ‘ex’, because in my perception the divide between Eastern and Western Europe should not exist anymore) is actually a land of important figures, dedicated people and amazing places. As I was writing before, even if I chose to go abroad for some years and I would do it again (mainly for cultural and economic reasons – yes, we are still not in a great economic situation), Romania is my home country, the country where I spent most of my life in, where I have a family, I connected with my first friends, I received an education and where I will always come back with a smile on my face and in my soul.

This being said,

By: Ioana – Alexandra Tache

P.S.: Next time you want to go on a trip, consider visiting Romania!



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