Have You Ever Thought Of Exploring The Ocean?

Under The Sea

Our bodies are created in a liquid environment to then spend most of our lives surrounded by air. However, the pleasure or happiness when submerging remains with us throughout our entire life.
Oceans cover around 70% of the earth’s surface but most of it remains unexplored. Maybe is the unknown what makes this world interesting but mysterious at the same time. The idea of exploring the ocean can be scary at first sight but at the same time it is not comparable to any other sensation. Diving implies breathing in a different way, swimming at a different pace and watching the world from different angles. There is no better way of learning so much about a new world than actually experiencing it, like when you sink into the ocean feeling the change in the temperature and colors, encountering a school of jackfish or barracudas, having a reef shark or a turtle swimming by your side for a couple of seconds, or finding the most colorful nudibranch. All this shows you a bit of all the life and biodiversity that lies under the sea.
Some people avoid this activity thinking that is too risky or that they need an extremely good physical preparation, but reality is simpler than that. Diving is a completely different type of experience, definitely worth trying. Why not? It is only about changing fear for joy.

First things first: you need a certificate (PADI Open Water Diver), which demonstrates that you have the necessary information and skills to be able to dive. Getting the certificate takes around 35 hours and includes both a theoretical and a practical part. It is an international certificate, recognized in hundreds of places around the world and it gives you the possibility to improve your skills further and to aim for further advanced certificates.
Once certified the next step is easy, choosing you destination. There are diving sites for every taste and budget: from the unique sites of Galapagos Islands to the colorful corals of the Red sea. There are also some surprisingly beautiful and not so popular diving sites and it is possible to dive in almost every country that has access to the sea or a major lake. Choose a diving center that fits to your budget, complies with safety rules and if you have to minimize the investment, one where you can rent the required equipment. A top choice for divers is the Great Barrier in Australia and a low budget option can be found in the Philippines. Find a place to stay and you are set to go.

No matter if you are An experienced diver or a beginner, every time you get into the water and dive you will experience a new world. Enjoy the view and the feeling of being truly surrounded by our planet.
Water should always be a reminiscence of a safe place for humans, it takes us back to our first days of life.

Laura Duque



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