Have You Seen The New Glorious Four Seasons Private Jet?

Take a tour into this new trend of luxurious craziness, this is a beautiful plane to start with, they claim to have great staff, but I mean if you have an iPad for me and a Bose pair of headphones… I am hooked for sure.

I knew it was going to be expensive, so I was like “let’s see how long it is going to take me to save for this?” you know what, I think I am just never going on that plane… Because what I did next was to go on their website and was absolutely disappointed with the prices ranging from 109,000.00 USD to 137,000.00 USD.

So, watch this beauty and envy the people who take it for a spin, I won’t because the time I have that money, I will spend it on some hungry people around the world.

Almustafa M. Khalid



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