Have you ever met a special person? Someone you will do anything to maintain by your side. It does not matter if it is a friend, a member of your family or even a lover as long as that person left an indelible mark in your life. Have you?

The uniqueness of this person can be seen in many aspects. It is someone that even without seen each other for years still feels like the first time. It is someone you can call in the middle of the night without hesitating. It is also someone that has the unbelievable capacity to understand you with no words. However, these are nothing but brief examples of the outstanding abilities a special person has.

We all have at least one of these types of relationships. We are blessed with certain and limited extraordinary people in order to value the meaning of life a bit more. They light up our way even if they are not conscious of doing it. They are part of us due to an unknown and meaningful reason. Thus, the only purpose that we have is to keep them next to us. All of these things might seem familiar to you but… how does a special person become part of our life?

As oddly as it might sound, this type of people appear in our lives in a quite unexpected way. Some meet them at a bus station. Others in the supermarket and there is even the case when these people appear out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it is the person you expect the least to be special. Normally it is even someone you do not really like at first sight or someone whose way of understanding life is completely different to yours. For each person, these extraordinary people touch their lives in multiple and diverse manners. Each of them is unique in their way. However, they all have something in common. We all get to know them the same way. How? By saying Hello.

We normally tend to underestimate the value of a Hello without knowing that it is more than a simple word from our daily vocabulary. It is a greeting and also the first thing that we learn in other languages. Have you ever wonder why? It is due to the enthralling and mysterious meaning that it hides.

Hello is not only a polite greeting. Hello is a start. Hello is the beginning of something new. It is a way of getting to know new people. Hello is an opportunity. It is a challenge and a risk. When you say hello you are nothing but commencing a friendship. Hello is an open door to love. Hello is international. It travels along the world. It is used and loved by the entire human kind. Hello is happiness. It is the first step towards the greatness of discovering someone crucial in you life. Hello is the enemy of goodbyes. Nevertheless, it is friends with a See you later. Hello is needed. It makes you open your heart. It makes a unique person come to you life. Hello is the start of something you might never want to end. So, next time you ever meet someone say hello convinced that maybe that greeting is the start of something unforgettable.


By: Celia de la Hoz



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