Here Is What You Need To Know About Friendship

 “Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.”

― Vincent Van Gogh

Friendships – just like people – come in different sorts, shapes and sizes. I am happy to be able to say that I have experienced many types of connections, with many types of people, from many different backgrounds. Nowadays, we are afraid to call someone a friend; we tend to prefer the terms ‘acquaintance’ or ‘someone I know’. I don’t want to say that technology made relationships more impersonal – as much as I actually believe this. For me, technology created more opportunities to get in touch with people and connect with them more than just through Facebook or Twitter. Not getting into much detail for now, but today we are going to talk about friendship and its various shapes – from my personal point of view.

Long term friendship. We all have that one friend who we know since forever. This can be our childhood or school friend, we can see them daily, casually or very rarely – never mind the timing, they will always be there for us. The idea of a long term friendship is very dear to me and thinking about my longtime friends only makes me smile. These friends were there through ups and downs, they saw us growing up (or, more like, we grew up together), we laughed and cried, loved or fought. If you still have that one friend, be proud & don’t forget to remind him/her that you are thankful for your connection and relation.

Short term friendship. It is quite probable that, if you are ever travelling – for business or pleasure – you get to meet many people with whom you click. At the same time, others might be travelling and encounter you on their way. In this case, we are talking about a relatively short period of time when you get to know a person – you connect, discover you have things in common, shared visions/values/likes and dislikes. Having a short term friendship is very refreshing and can open your eyes even more about the fact that while we are all so diverse, coming from many different backgrounds, cultures and parts of the world – we are also, so alike!

Spiritual friendship – and this is because I will not use the term Virtual/Online. I choose to call it spiritual due to different reasons that didn’t yet allow you to meet the other person. The most valuable example is the chance I got to start contributing to Independent Skies Magazine and the friendships I have created within this context. While these relations are long-distance and internet based, the feeling I get every time I talk to these people is that I have known them for years! We are totally like-minded, we keep in touch constantly – not only for work, but also to be up to date with our personal lives.

Educative friendship. Sometimes you ‘break up’ with your friends, yet you don’t have to see this as something bad. Just like with relationships, some things might not work anymore – you learn some lessons and avoid repeating any negative situations in future friendships. Still, never ever consider a friendship a ‘waste of time’; consider it as a time of learning and further building /development of your character.

‘Another level’ friendshipBest friends; Best Friends Forever; Dynamic Duo & other variations. This is probably the easiest friendship to describe; you see your friend and it’s like you look at your inner self in the mirror. You are 99% on the same line, in life, in general – 100% would be too much and a bit creepy 😀 It is that kind of friendship which allows you to have deep and meaningful conversations (about the self, the world around you or the universe), and at the same time, discuss the little, more silly things. You could go see a theatre play or an opera performance, but on the other hand, nothing will stop you to spend a weekend indoors watching Netflix. You could talk for hours or stand without any problem in total silence for a long period of time. And the list can go on.

All in all, friendships can mean the world to someone, or just a little bit of the world. Either way, you should always be thankful to all the connections and relations you have made. Whether there are years keeping you together or only few weeks/months, you should be happy to be knowing this person. Wherever you are, whoever you are with – never forget your friends; whichever type they are!

By Ioana-Alexandra Tache




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