Hilarious Travel Stories You (Don’t) Want To Experience

There are always things that go wrong when you are travelling and often they turn into hilarious memories. Here are five of the most Hilarious Travel Stories of people around the world.

When I was young and I would visit LA, my parents would put me on a ‘baby leash’ because I would always get so freaking excited there!”~ Anonymous 

| via beec23/Reddit
Lily on a leash, Modern Family | via beec23/Reddit

I was eating a cup of noodles with a fork I’d liberated from the hostel. When this lovely gent stands up to leave the train, sort of half bows with his head down and hands together and ever so gently takes my noodles from me. Says ‘Merci’ a couple of times and departs the train. I wasn’t even mad, it was beautiful. The way he took them was just great, one of my favourite parts of the trip. I don’t know why, it just felt awesome.” ~ Alidaysharkboy (Reddit)

Stealing Food | via dr0cks27/ Reddit
Stealing Food | via dr0cks27/ Reddit

Went to Paris with my buddy for the night in September. Trouble at the hostel around midnight. No place to sleep. Bar/club hopped until about 4. Froze … off while I slept at a bus stop until we got chased out by a couple of cops. Spent the rest of the night in front of an ATM on top of a heat vent.” ~ THEcasanova (Reddit)

People Sleeping Outisde | via Eddie Mulholland / The Daily Telegraph
People Sleeping Outisde | via Eddie Mulholland / The Daily Telegraph

I was on the plane watching my all time favorite comedy movie with the headphones on. I noticed that people were staring at me and and making weird faces. I checked myself if there was something on my face or clothes but found nothing. After a few minutes a flight attendant came to me and kindly asked me to shut the hell up because I was laughing too loud – oops.” ~ Anonymous

Plane trip | via Tumblr
Plane trip | via Tumblr

I came back to Surat from Mumbai and my fiance came to the train station to pick me up. What I didn’t know was that, as a prank, she had come with a small entourage all playing music, they put a flower necklace around my neck and they created a big show in front of everybody. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to run away.” ~ Anonymous

Embarassing. |via BenH1337/ Imgur
Embarassing. |via BenH1337/ Imgur
Travels = memories, good, bad and obviously funny!

Compiled by Aashi Morakhiya

Featured image via Shutterstock.


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