#HopeForNepal: Every little helps!

As everyone should know by now, on the 25th April Nepal was hard-hit  by a massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale which devastated the people, the country and the history. Too many have died (more than 4,000 – also from the bordering countries of China, India, Bangladesh) and even more were left injured, lost or homeless. It is an issue that surely deserves international attention and help. Fortunately, unlike other situations which are overlooked or receive too little attention, the Nepalese are actually receiving great amounts of attention and help internationally.

Tech giants, charities, organisations, institutions and individuals are working together towards helping the victims of the Nepal earthquake. Many are also rushing to go volunteer, but there are voices  suggesting that even if volunteering seems like a great and thoughtful action, it might not be the best one as several other issues should be considered first.

Though, I am thinking that there are at least two best actions that anyone could take: on the one hand, as with every disaster, donating money (any small amount counts)  might be the fastest and most sure way to contribute; on the other hand, if you can’t afford to help materially, it is always beneficial to make use of  Social Media in the productive way i.e. share the news, inform your friends, tell your relatives – anyone, really. At one point, there might be a person who can contribute in some way.

Lastly, as with every great disaster there are reactions (or not). Some people are touched by the subject, some do not particularly care. And I believe having no attitudes towards the tragedies happening around the world, be them natural or ‘man-made’, represents what is wrong with humanity. But, to end on a more positive note, here is proof that there is still hope both for Nepal and for humanity:






More pictures here: “20 images that show how hard Nepal’s Earthquake Survivors are fighting to stay alive and smile”

And don’t forget:  ‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!’ – Ronald Reagan

By: Ioana-Alexandra Tache


Photo credits © Reuters



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