How About A Smog Free But Diamond Filled Future?

Everyone is talking about this and rightfully so! This design by the Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde is a very creative and inspiring approach to give fresh air to those that, despite making immense economic progress, are having to buy oxygen due to the horrible environment they have made for themselves.

China’s Beijing is a ‘smog city’ where breathing is a difficulty for locals. To solve this problem, Daan has come up with a tower (23 feet tall) to situate in public places such as parks that acts as a giant vacuum cleaner. It sucks the polluted air and then transforms them into small cubes of diamonds! The prototype itself is so successful that one tower alone can create a smog-free area the width, length and height of 11 football fields!

Daan wants this smog-tower to be crowd-funded with everyone who invests into it receiving a gift. For an investment of 271 USD, one can receive a diamond and steel ring or cufflinks. However, if you invest only 54 USD, you still receive a diamond cube. The Kickstarter page of this design says “Carry your cube with you as a personal reminder of your efforts to create a world free of smog”.

An innovative and tremendous effort indeed, let’s hope that this vision of Daan Roosegaarde comes to life and we see a better and smog free world.

Aashi Morakhiya

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