How I Binge Watched YouTube Tutorials On A Weekend

I never thought it was possible to binge watch tutorials. In fact, considering that I have never binge watched GOT, Suits, House of Cards or any of the like, should make one doubt if I actually even belong to this group called millennials

Anyways, over the past few years I have come to pick up a life philosophy of self-engineered challenges. That does not mean that I am an adventurer. What it does mean is that I have taught myself to love stuff I do not even know anything about yet. If you want, call it the adult version of childish curiosity.

Well, after all this is the reason I signed up for the coding class in my university. Python for absolute beginners (with the official name “Introduction to Coding”).

It only took a few lessons for me to be completely lost. While it all seemed so easy, just combining some keywords, variables and other expressions (which I will spare you here as I do not even have a command of them myself). Besides, all that we coded was fairly basic programs that could ask for a user name for instance.

Even though I have not yet managed to resolve any of these simple tasks with my own (negligible) coding skills, I started to be absolutely fascinated realizing all that is possible when you are a skillful coder. Google, Spotify and so many more web based services are partially coded in this language that I was just starting to understand. It must be an enormous feeling of creation and accomplishment if a professional coder finishes a program that might revolutionize industries.

That gave me an enormous motivation to invest time into this matter outside the classroom. Why? Simply because it actually gives you a lot of satisfaction when a program that YOU created runs smoothly in the exact way you wanted it to be. Of course, my coding skills will never make for a living but making these little and even though useless programs, reminds me of all that humankind has achieved so far and is still capable of creating.

So thank you online community for giving me access to all the YouTube Python tutorials! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and allowing anyone with Internet to easily educate oneself on any kind of topic.

Somewhere on this planet there is a German girl, just as curious as a three-year-old, who will celebrate your contribution to the canon of knowledge on the Internet and the opportunity for education for anyone for days… And to everyone else; pretty much all you could ever want to learn about is right at your reach, unless you have no Internet, there is no excuses.

Svea Freiberg


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