How The Suicide Experiment Created New Heroes (Video)

Well, well, well… let me begin by saying that I do not like the youtubers that make views and money when they prank people, or even play around with people’s emotions, I mean don’t you feel tricked?

However, this video below shows two guys that were going to jump of a building and a bridge to end their life because they were fired on that day and they act as if they are having a bad life. They go in taxis and the taxi drivers turn into heroes with two historic speeches (at least I believe so)… these are people that we never think about, that live a difficult life in most countries, yet it is no coincidence that 2 out of 2 turn to be heroes, and convince 2 guys that were going to commit suicide to not do it. (trust me, the speeches are very good). I will leave you to it, and I hope that this video will do more good to our society that just the two guys making a ton of money over the audiences and the taxi drivers’ emotions.

Almustafa M. Khalid



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