How To Ease Your Travel Experience With Technology

The innovation of technology has helped the development of many industries, companies and people. What it has also helped with is making travel easier for travel agents, tourists and locals. Technology is making travel more likely to go without a hitch and thus making it much more enjoyable. In the simplest of ways, a travel experience can be divided into three parts: prep-to-travel, the process of traveling, and on ground staying. So how can technology best help under these three basic experiences?

    1. Prep to Go
      Before you leave, it is important to that you plan your travel before hand, and plan it efficiently. There are several apps and websites that can help you do this. Trivago helps you compare the best prices for airlines and hotels along with reviews to ensure that you have the best and most comfortable stay. Not only that, but every time a friend uses Trivago, you can earn cash credit towards your Trivago transactions. If you would like to rent vacation homes rather than hotels, do checkout airbnb.
    2. The Process of Traveling 
      I always ensure to use the web check-in app to sign in 24 hours prior to my flight. It allows me to choose my seat and easy check in without having to wait in a long line at the airport check-in counter. It also allows you the leeway to be a tad bit late for your flight. 
    3. On the Ground Staying
      Once you touchdown at your travel destination, use websites like LonelyPlanet, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor to guide you around your destination and find the most affordable rates for your leisure activities.

Embrace technology, it can do a lot of wonders to ease your travel miseries.

Aashi Morakhiya 

Featured image rights go to Mikko Lemola via Travel Industry Blog.


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