I Drowned Then Lived To Talk About It

There are a few experiences and events that I can recall as lively as if they happened just yesterday. It is quite interesting to analyze why it is exactly these ones that stick around my mind with such intensity. What all of these have in common is that they were vitally essential to the further course of my life. The impressions from those experiences must have been extraordinary to such an extent that they occupy a big part of my memory and consequently appear to be that present.

It was when I was still a kindergarten kid that my parents would go on vacation to Menorca with me. We would always go to the same hotel and I would always watch the same show made for children’s entertainment in the evening. (The day I understood that it was just the same show every evening, I felt strong disappointment.) So, one time when I was three we were just about to fly back home: Bags packed, just waiting for the cab to pick us up and give us a ride to the airport. My parents were relaxing on some deckchairs napping. My three-year-old self meanwhile tried to overcome the boredom of waiting by balancing on the edge of the pool when suddenly I lost my balance. Splash- little girl falls into the pool.

Only this is where my own memory cuts in. Even now after nineteen years, I can see the pool water around me, feel the helplessness, the oxygen running out and the desperation as if it was now. Only this glimpse it is that I remember. All other parts have been told by my parents.

My father seeing his little girl drowning in the pool, does not hesitate a second, takes a jump into the pool, grabs me and pulls me out of the water. We get out both soaking wet, shoes, shorts and t-shirts dripping.

There are two things that impress me about this story. First of all the sole fact, that I have such a bold memory from when I was three. Second, the little reaction time it took a father when he knew he had to rescue his daughter.

Svea Freiberg

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