I want to tell you a story


I want to tell you a story. A story that I am pretty sure you have never heard before. It is not a boy-meets-girl kind of story. It is rather unusual and the main character is a plastic bag.


This is the story of a plastic bag that was born in a factory. His parents were machines and only minutes after being born he was taken away from them. While siting nervous on the trunk of a big rig he discovered he was surrounded by other plastics bags. They were all very different. Some were big but others were tiny… Some were more open and others rather close. The plastic bag was surprised to see how another one started a conversation. They talked for a short period of time, and then he reached his stop. Then life began.


The plastic bag had his first job in a supermarket. There, he had to wait until he had to be used. Sometimes he felt lost and alone. However, there were also times where he enjoyed the company of others. Life seemed wonderful those days but he knew life was not something durable. There were instants he only thought of escaping but he knew he had a purpose in life he had to accomplish. After several days, the last day came. It was THE day. He had been his entire life getting ready for that precise moment and he had to reach his goal the best he could. So there he was the plastic bag… carrying cereals and milk. After that he was thrown away. He died. Please do not think he was sad. He knew he had lived the best he could and he just accepted his final destination. However, he never fully died. His soul is still alive. You can see him on the streets. He drifts away with the wind. He plays with kids on the parks and even if he is dead, his soul is still young.


I think we are all a bit like the plastic bag. The course of our life goes throughout our eyes without realising. We all have the ability to make decisions but some are even made for us. We have to face up and down moments and meet with random people by coincidence. Some leave their mark while others are rather invisible to us. We are also taking chances and making decisions based on what we consider to be the purpose of our life. We need to enjoy the journey more than our final purpose. Nevertheless, our objective in life is not only the most important thing. I believe we need to know life continues even if we reach our final destination that some call ‘Death’. Our lives do not end when we stop breathing. It is in that concrete moment when we all come to life again. It is a new beginning and our souls are set free: They begin to live. 


By: Celia de la Hoz



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